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Best Mobile Games is the most exciting part of any mobile gadget. They are not only popular among the youth, but are also sought after by the middle-aged generation and the older generation. The most desired games are those which can be played on a wide variety of devices such as smart phone, Desktop PC, Laptop and the iPad. It has been observed that more people are opting for the best mobile games that can be downloaded from the internet.

This is because they not only help in saving some money, but also help save our precious time. Below we are going to list out the top 5 best mobile games that can be played on a wide array of mobile phones and smartphones.

Best Mobile Games


Best Mobile Game Mahjong

It is a classic game loved by all. This is a fun and challenging game for all. It is an addictive game and that makes it so challenging.

You have to move your tiles by matching their right color with the ones in your row or column. It is available in a number of versions which can be enjoyed with family members and friends and at the same time be challenging for you.

Cooking Games:Best Mobile Game Cooking Games

It is another game that is loved by all. Kids as well as grown ups enjoy playing this cooking game. These games are very easy and quick to play and help in improving one’s culinary skills. There are various versions of this cooking game which are available online.

Shooting Games:

Best Mobile Game Shooting GameThey are highly addictive games. You have to select the target from a large collection of targets and then shoot the selected target. You have to select the weapons too to enjoy a better game. There are several versions of these shooting games that you can enjoy with your friends and family over the internet.

Puzzle Games:

Best Mobile Game Puzzle Game

They are also highly engaging games. You have to move the pieces or develop patterns while arranging them into an arrangement to form the picture or puzzle.

You can change the theme, style and difficulty level to make them more enjoyable. You have to click on the right square when it appears to enjoy a different level of puzzle. Different versions of these puzzle games are available over the internet.

Card Games:Best Mobile Game Cards Game

They are fun and addictive card games where you have to choose numbers and match them in sequence to win a prize or score points. You can find versions for free over the internet. Other versions require you to buy them in the app stores or purchase the cards. These card games can improve your memory as well as hand-eye coordination. They are very simple to understand and enjoyable to play.

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