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There are different diabetes types and symptoms, the first type of diabetes is type 2 diabetes that affects the people who have high blood pressure, are being overweight or have a family history of diabetes. Other causes may be the inactiveness, strokes, vascular disease, or very high cholesterol levels. People over forty-five are at risk for type 2 diabetes here as well.

Diabetes Types And Symptoms

Diabetes Types and Symptoms type 2 diabetes

People who have type 2 diabetes but do not take insulin because the body produces enough insulin, however the body does not recognize here the insulin as insulin and does not use it the right way. As a result then the glucose enters the blood stream and builds up causing the body to malfunction.

The build up of glucose in the blood stream can cause the dehydration, diabetic coma, nerve damage, hardening of the arteries and also kidney damage. The longer the body goes without a proper treatment, more damage is done to the body and can then lead to death. Although type 2 diabetes is found in the more adults, children are prone to this type of diabetes here as well.

Diabetes Types and Symptoms children

Type 1 diabetes typically shows up in children, but can affect some adults as well . Type 1 diabetes is caused when the pancreas does not make any insulin that for the body. The insulin is needed so that the glucose can enter the body cells right instead of staying in the blood stream, which leads to a build up of sugar in just the blood. If a build up of sugar in the blood occurs then long-term health problems will arise such as diabetic ketoacidosis, which can also lead to death. If left untreated type 1 diabetes can often lead to kidney failure, nerve damage, blindness and some other eye problems as well as heart problems.

Diabetes Types and Symptoms juvenile diabetes

Type 1 diabetes was called the juvenile diabetes for years before being given the current title. Type 1 diabetes was known to affect the children more so than it did adults. The different between type 1 and type 2 diabetes is also that with type 1 diabetes the body does not make insulin and with type 2 the body does not produce enough insulin make to sustain the body.

For the most part most people who have type 2 diabetes just need a proper diet with exercise and some medication to treat the diabetes. With those type 1 diabetes most people have to take insulin shots and watch there sugar counts.

Some symptoms of type 1 diabetes might be an wide increase in thirst, hunger just after eating, dry mouth, and increased urination, weight loss and fatigue. Type 2 diabetes may have the similar symptoms as type 1 diabetes, but however most of the time you do not experience any symptoms. Some other symptoms you may get you notice with type 2 diabetes are tingling of the feet or hands, weight gain, itchy skin around the groin or the vaginal area as well as yeast infections and sores that heal slowly.

Diabetes Types and Symptoms glucose

Since the body does not have any glucose to use for energy, it starts burning fat and protein from muscle tissue in an attempt to generate energy. This is an extremely unhealthy way of generating energy as the liver becomes involved in fat burning. The by-product of this process is ketones. The ketones build up and your blood becomes acidic…… and this is VERY bad indeed. This will cause your blood to become a toxic environment for all your other organs.

If you experience here any of these symptoms, you should seek a medical advice to confirm if it is or is not a form of diabetes. Early diagnosis and treatment is very significant for people who have diabetes or show any particular signs of diabetes symptoms. If you discover your diabetes much early, you can work to counter it so before it becomes too serious. Prolonging a check up can cause more grown harm to the body.

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