Useful Benefits of health insurance and medical insurance

health insurance and medical insurance
Healthcare and Medicine

Health insurance and medical insurance (also known as health assistance in South Africa) is a type of insurance that covers all or part of a person’s risks resulting in medical expenses. Like other types of allowance, the risk pool shared with many people.

Health insurance or medical insurance

By considering the overall health risk and health system expenses related to the risk pool, the insurer can create a daily financial system, such as a salary or tax, to use provide the amount needed to pay for the health care specified in the insurance. agreement. This benefit is administered by a central agency, such as a government agency, private agency, or non-profit organization learn more about health tips.

like a Health Insurance union of America, health insurance is defined as “insurance that give benefits in the event of sickness or injury. It includes insurance against losses resulting from accidents, medical expenses, disability or accidental death and explosion.

benefits of health insurance

Health insurance pays for all urgent medical care. The main coverage of compulsory health insurance covers the following benefits:

  • outpatient medical treatment, for example in a doctor’s office
  • dental care
  • medicine, medical treatment or medical aid
  • treatment in a hospital, for example in a hospital
  • the health reform process is important
  • benefits during pregnancy and childbirth
benefits of health insurance
health insurance benefits

Health insurance without an employer

You are not employed by an employer? You still require health insurance! The type of health insurance depends on which group you belong to:

Family: Children, spouses and registered life partners can usually be insured collectively through family insurance with one adult being in the statutory health insurance.
Trainees, students and interns: You generally have to take out statutory health insurance. There are some exceptions, e.g. for students over the age of 30.
Jobseekers: EU citizens can use their European health card. People without EU or EEA citizenship who are not in employment, for example because they have a visa to look for work, must take out private health insurance. There are special rates for expats in this case.

employer sponsered health insurance
employer sponsered health insurance

Personal health care

Private Krankenversicherung (PKV) or private health insurance in Germany is chosen by about 10-11% of Germans. When will it be realized that we are paying all our bills by selling private health care? People who value their health are always advised to choose private health care.

The criteria that you will need to meet in order to qualify include

Before you start looking for private health care plans, you need to make sure that you are eligible to join them.

  • Annual prize over €64,350
  • You get a monthly income under €450
  • Freelancers (or freelancers)
  • Students + 30 years
  • Civil servants (those whose insurance is sponsored by the state)

Finding the best private health insurance in Germany – What you need to know

  • It is important to note that in the case of private German health insurance, there are no family members. So everyone has to pay their own fees. These premiums depend on many factors, such as your age, your health condition and the type of insurance you are looking for.
  • If you are single and have a good income, you will often be able to get better health care and health insurance in Germany than the public health care plan. Such insurance will be available to you for a very low monthly fee.
  • You can benefit from preventive health screenings, and you can get many treatments and medicines that are not open to state insurance. You will also see a big difference in the speed of appointments with professionals. However, the situation will be different if your partner does not work or if you have many children. In such cases, your private health care will often cost more than a public plan.
  • Before you decide to get private health insurance for expats, you should know that once you sign up for a private health plan, it will be very difficult to go back to the state’s public health system, if you need it. It is easy to switch from public to private, especially if you are already covered in the public system in Germany. They make it difficult to change lanes, but depending on your situation, it is possible. This is especially true if you are covered privately at the age of 55, because you will have only a few options to change to the public system.
  • If you do not meet their medical entry criteria, the German PKV (Private Krankenversicherung) will not offer you insurance. Some insurance companies may not offer insurance to expats unless they have lived in Germany for a certain period of time. But the flexibility and quality of private health insurance in Germany is unbeatable.
  • Since different rates are available, you can get personalized coverage to suit your needs. These may include the choice of hospital rooms (single room, double room, etc.),
  • the choice of free hospital or doctor, the choice of insurance for additional health care, the choice of optometrists and dental care. , etc. In addition, the hidden costs that patients face will not bother you when choosing a public health care system. If all this is too complicated and you need experts to help you find cheap private health insurance in Germany, contact us today!

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