Kurulus Osman EPISODE 102 (4th) Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 102 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles
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Kurulus Osman EPISODE 102 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles. You will go through Kurulus Osman Season 4 on this blog with urdu subtitles on zero cost. This is Episode No 102 (4th) of Kurulus Osman and Episode No 04 of Season four of Kurulus Osman with Urdu Subtitles through . I’ll reduce your head off, Osman!You could not even reduce my beard! Come with me! You attempted to kill me, huh?

There isn’t anyt any turning again right here now!You’ll additionally die, Oktem!If I desired to kill you with an arrow, I’d have in no way drawn my sword infidel!BeysStop! If you searching for justice, we want to await Osman Bey!And do not push my patience, Oktem Bey! Why do not you concentrate to me?Stop now!If there’s a person crossing the line, he’s this infidel.My blood has spilled in this land, Turgut Bey.It may not be left unavenged! Soldiers!

Alps!I need to clear up this in peace, Oktem Bey, however, you do not concentrate to me!You draw your sword!You shoot arrows!There isn’t anyt any toleration for you anymore.You’ll be detained!My Turgut Bey! Please, do something! Where is Osman Bey?Do some thing you need to do, Turgut Bey.The time has exceeded for speaking now.Don’t do this, Oktem’ Bey.Don’t do this.You are bleeding, Osman.And bleed all of it out!Come on, then.You can not beat me, Osman. Bring it on, then!

The revenge can be taken through your blood I When you don’t have any blood left, there can be additionally no revenge to take.UD 0080 IEmperor Andronikos has invited you into his presence.If a person rejects to stop……I’ll take his corpse! What are you watching for, Beys? Draw your swords!Every time you’ve got got a trouble, you immediately come to the Oktem Bey’s tribe!What is the motive of this hesitation now? Beys, do not even consider it!If a person attracts his sword, it method he attracts it in opposition to Osman Bey You can not see the truth!

But I may not let you drag the Beys into this darkness! Know your place, Alcicek Hatun!Oktem Bey.If you do not believe the justice and draw your sword timelessly……you end up a rebel.And you understand we agree with the rebels’ execution is necessary. Don’t do this!Be careful, Alps!Be careful, AlpsTurgut Bey.The alps surrounded the tribe, we’re watching for your orders.There isn’t anyt any tunning again from right here. Trust Osman Bey’s justice. Now inform your alps……to position their guns down, Oktem Bey.What justice are you speaking about, Turgut Bey?

Kurulus Osman EPISODE 102 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles

What justice are you speakme approximately, Turgut Bey?Do you believe you studied Osman continues to be just?This bastard you delivered into our tribe contains the blood of our courageous squaddies on his hands!My brother’s blood is on his hands!Osman Bey’s equity is gone. We will now no longer sacrifice my father to his justice!We will now no longer trust the infidels!Oktem Bey, we stand in the back of you!Give us the order, and we are able to stand our floor for you together along with your alps!You are speakme wrongly, Uraz Bey!Do you need brothers to kill brothers!We are all the equal blood!Oktem Bey. Before some thing worse happens…..surrender.Come on.

Who……are you protective,commander?I am best protective Rome, commander Olof.Ophelia desired to kill the emperor!And Osman precipitated her to escape!Commander Ramos..you’re protective him……then I am going to kill you collectively with him!Osman Bey, welcome lower back to the area wherein you stored Rome.I salute you with respect.The emperor waits for you.EyvAllah.X• *Then…..let’s move go to the emperor.Is the emperor in a circumstance to present orders? What form of video games are you playing? Sarkis escaped!Ophelia escaped!You have been now no longer going to steady justice, proper?Know your place!For a person who is protective traitors.

Kurulus Osman EPISODE 102 Season 4 with Urdu Subtitles

You speak mightily!You are too courageous for a person who hits his awl to stones!If you act this bravely, your cranium might be break up in two!Let’s now no longer hold the emperor waiting.Let’s move.You too, commander.The emperor invited you too.Excuse me, Turgut Bey.Oktem Bey.They are going to kill these kind of courageous men, with one phrase from your mouth.

They are going to kill these kind of courageous men, with one phrase from your mouth.Turgut Bey is telling the truth.It’s our blood this is spilled.Surrender.We will stand in the back of you.Alps!Put down your weapons!You heard your BeyNow, sheathe your weapons, come on!Soldiers!Don’t do it BeyThe ones that located gold to your tribe nowadays will placed a rope round your neck withinside the future! Don’t do this!Put down your sword.Father.From now on……I surrender……for the best of my tribe……to Osman Bey’s justice.Trust your justice system. You did the proper thing.The Emperor will need your head.You helped Ophelia escape.I’ll be your killer.I’ll discover who you serve.Then you may see who the killer is……and who the prey is.

Odin’s squaddies best serve Odin.And of course, the Emperor.You careworn Ophelia.You made her kill her father.The Emperor is aware of everything.This might be your demise sentence. Look at me. Do you spot a person who is afraid?Allah gave me my judgment.I do not worry the phrase of a pagan like you.Even in case you serve Odin.I’ll locate him.Olof.The Emperor awaits you.May Jesus Christbless you Sarkis.I changed into so scared.What if something came about to you? The assist you mentioned…Is it Osman?Yes.And he failed to fail us. What approximately my father?Any phrase from him? Is he alive?If the Emperor changed into dead…..the throne could be attacked with the aid of using now.They’re coming. Don’t reflect on consideration on it, Princess.You is probably proper.I promise you Princess.I’ll discover approximately your father.You’ll be ok Princess.You and your father.I trust in you Sarkis.Don’t run!Wait!Catch them!I advised you Emperor.Be cautious.As the Emperor, you cannot be foolish.How can I be cautious whilst my very own daughter assaults me?Can you trust it?

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My daughter poisoned me. And my enemy stored me. Today……Osman stored your life. But he additionally stored Ophelia, your attacker. You cannot forgive him.I will kill Ophelia.But first, she have to speak. She will inform
m..the traitor in my land.He helped her escape.He killed my men. He cannot live-How did you understand approximately the poisoning while……nobody right here did, Osman Bey? What approximately you, Olof?Did you understand approximately it?I could crucify……folks who even reflect onconsideration on it.How did you understand approximately it, Osman Bey? You’re alive due to the fact I knew.Are you continue to questioning?

He who watches the palace……best desires the throne, Emperor.We shall carve that eye out and present it to Odin.Damn it! Who did this?Enough.Are you pronouncing that he first poisoned……after which healed me?Is that it, Olof?What approximately Frigg and Ophelia?Did you understand approximately them way to your scouts as well?No.Kantakuzenos advised me.Ophelia ship that woman, Frigg……to reason chaos in my lands.They want to talk first.However, Olof…..desires to kill her.

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