Akshay Kumar Ram Setu Movie Review

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Ram Setu Movie Review
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We always go for the movie either the hope that if we are skeptical of the project, it’s ultimate quality, we wish we are proven wrong the case of Akshay Kumar’s ram setu made us fall into a similar predicament making us worried that this is going to shape up as any other Akshay kumar venture another addition to the average steakof films. Ram Setu Movie Review movie review on public demand. He has featured in almost every two months.
Ram utu at least with its scale and idea attempts to be very way different than the mediocre content we have been subjected to Ram say to focuses on Aryan and archaeologist. Who is willing to go to any length to collect cold hard facts regarding the ancient history of his county whether this means putting his life on the line against the Taliban or getting into the underwater suit to legitimize the existence of the ram setu. Ram Setu Movie Review  The film mostly explores latter when business tycoon played by Nasir who is planning to build a shipping canal that will hamper the existence of the ram setu are in the capable archaeologist is given monetary and technological support and facilities by the same man to execute an exception with the sole purpose of proving that the ram setu is naturally occurring due to the process to the sedimentation rather than being man-made the discoveries on the journey of course prove otherwise and several factions from rogue militia groups henchmen of the influential businesses man attempt to stop the archaeologists and their findings about the ram setu from going public.

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Accounting for an extremely high arcane action adventure film will this really mark the end of the average streak of Akshay Kumar films in 2022 is this movie something that we would wholeheartedly recommend to all of you to catch in theaters getting right into exactly that here’s we telling you to good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to watch ram setu in theaters or not.

Great action set pieces we have to give it to Akshay Kumar for staying true to his reputation of being hindi film industry’s most popular action hero because the man even at 55 is moving jumping and catapulting like he is mid-20s. This is clear from the onset of the film as archaeologists are excavating certain sites in Afghanistan and are bombarded by the taliban forces it’s Akshay in most of the frames running in agile and nimble manner.

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The way a rescue mission has been choreographed also and how the group of misfits are closed by the henchmen of the industrialist on speed boats is really a sight to witness on the big screen the biggest gripe that. We have with this film is what while it boats of three to four great action sit pieces shot really well. It really dropped the ball in delivering its climax battle which we come to later.
Hammy performances other than a for mid able Akshay Kumar and a very enjoyable Satyadev most of the supporting cast deliver absolutely over the top and Hammy performances. Pravesh Rana is the project manager sports this heavy city accent that does not make him meaning enough to a force to be reckoned with. He almost becomes a caricature of a villain and nothing more. However the most over the top of the lot has to be Jacqueline Fernandez and Nushrrat Bharuccha .

Jacqueline is mostly reactionary in this movie playing an environmentalist a job mostly at every dead end is to say that the plan sucked. There is to say that the plan sucked there is zero emotional connection that you feel with her presence and an attempt at a love angle is forced at best.

Nushrrat Bharuccha however is that her most animated self in this film. She is a religious wife who combats Aryan and his skepticism towards religion but she backs it witha very shrill performance that you wonder what was the memo given to her. Her feistiness becomes irritating at one point and her re- introduction into the climax battle has to be the most awkward thing you’ll see in the movie. Mixed impact of special effects or a film mounted on a budget of close to 80 to 120 crores whatever the ballpark you agree on and specially starring huge names like Akshay Kumar one expects for those to be a heavy investment in quality in the special effects of the film.

The reason why Ram setu from a visual standpoint is a hit and miss is that it looks absolutely mesmerizing when the creators have actually shot in real locations and only faulter is when there is a heavy dependence on animation. The case of several discoveries representing actual sets being mounted versus the underwater suit that is all digitally rendered in the range of quality you will experience in this film. Sone shots being absolutely exquisite and other being a sword to the eye, especially a case of an unintentionally funny helicopter battle in the end. One of the biggest reasons why ram setu does become a mixed bag in it’s entirely is that it delivers in really being a compelling action-adventure film but never really emotionally draws you in with its characters.

There are many scenes that should hit you on a deep level with respect to the journey they embark upon and the losses they incur but the poor editing in this film never really makes you break down this is especially true for the interval block that is so haphazardly edited that you wonder what a beautiful impact the film would have had if the sequence was just edited better and used powerful background score in it’s appropriate instances there is a climax battle also that involves a helicopter crash and it is absolutely hilarious on how the characters recover from the catastrophic event.
It will definitely lead to a face palm moment not a to forget a frame of Nushrat and Jacqueline screeching and shouting together that took the cake of an action set piece at such an important time that just deserve to be better choreographed and edited for effort but one deserves better treatment.

Why we keep on saying that this movie is an average fare at best is because it really holds your attention in what it exploded with its climax a genuinely interesting detail into the screenplay that makes you think about how smartly it introduced a character into this world. What we can wholeheartedly tell is that the movie doesn’t become polarizing with its messaging its dialogues filled with hate for any particular section of society and it genuinely becomes the archaeological findings that are used as legitimacy for the arguments regarding the ram setu. This makes them movie more refined and polished than Karthik Air 2 but still so many glitches and roadblocks on its journey that you want to commend it for its effort but feel morally responsible to call out its flaws as well. This is definitely Akshay’s most interesting outing this year. It still doesn’t so to become the action-adventure film we thought would be the game changer for Hindi cinema this year.


Ram Setu Movie Review And Cast


  • Release Date25 October 2022
  • LanguageHindi
  • Dubbed InTamil, Telugu
  • GenreAction, Adventure, Drama, Thriller
  • Duration2h 22min
  • Cast
    Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nushrratt Bharuccha, Satyadev Kancharana
  • Director
    Abhishek Sharma
  • Writer
    Abhishek Sharma
  • CinematographyAseem Mishra
  • Producer
    Aruna Bhatia, Vikram Malhotra, Subaskaran, Mahaveer Jain, Aashish Singh
  • Production
    Cape of Good Films, Abundantia Entertainment, Amazon Prime Video, Lyca Productions
  • CertificateU

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