Welts On The Skin: A Useful Guide

Welts on the skin or dermatographism, is one of the most common skin related problem. The main cause behind these welts is the friction. This condition is well known for its itchiness and discomfort. Welts on skin are commonly found in people with sensitive skin. Some common causes of welts on skin that itch include:


Food allergies

Welts On The Skin Food allergies

Allergies due to pollen, dust, animal hair etc

Allergies due to detergents , skin care products, medication, etc.

Insect bites

Skin bumps, redness, itching and swelling are some common symptoms of welts on the skin.

Treatment for Welts on Skin

Welts On The Skin Treatment for Welts

Treatment for welts is used to soothe the inflammation. Antihistamines provide a lot of relief to the sufferer. But, it is always better to consult a doctor. Some other treatment options for welts on skin that itch include

  • antibiotics
  • oral steroids
  • antifungal agents
  • topical creams and ointments
  • UV Light therapy

Consult a doctor before selecting one such option.

You can also treat this condition naturally by:

  • Applying some ice on the welts to get rid of the inflammation and itching.
  • Moisturizing your skin
  • Preventing yourself from getting scratched
  • Applying a mixture of plain yogurt and honey on the affected area

Skin Allergy to Water

Welts On The Skin Skin Allergy to Water

Water allergy or aquagenic pruritus is a rare skin disorder that results after exposure to water of any temperature. Unlike skin related allergies, water allergy does not have any specific visible symptom. Till now, the causes of water allergy are unknown. Usually, water allergy symptoms develop within minutes and may include symptoms such as severe, intense and prickly itching, bumps and itchy red rash, in some cases. These symptoms are mainly experienced on arms, chest, back and legs.

As you can see that bathing may produce severe skin allergy, therefore, it is advisable that one should use an oil based emollient before taking a bath. Using an oil based emollient is an effective way to prevent the direct contact of the skin and water. Also, it is advisable to avoid prolonged stays in water.

  • Try to avoid synthetic and woolen clothes. Use clothing made out of cotton.
  • Stay away from alcohol, spicy food, coffee, oily food and other unhealthy foods.
  • Drink fresh fruit juice and include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in to your diet menu. Go for dark green vegetables.
  • You can use antihistamines to get rid of itching. Application of capsaicin cream is also beneficial in the prevention and treatment of itching. Phototherapy with Psoralen-UVA or filtered UVB is another treatment option for water allergy.

Itchy Skin No Rash Treatment

Welts On The Skin Itchy Skin No Rash

Itchy skin no rash condition is also known as pruritus. One of the main causes for this condition is dryness of the skin. Dry skin is responsible for causing lot of discomfort but, it is not a serious medical condition. Some common symptoms of dry skin include rough skin, flaking, peeling, itchiness etc. Another possible reason behind itchy skin without rash is scabies. It gives you a strong urge to scratch the skin, which is particularly more during night. Some medical conditions such as poor blood circulation, kidney and liver related problems are also responsible.

You can use various home based remedies to treat this condition. Here are some tips and treatment options for itchy skin but no rash:

In order to get an instant relief, place an ice cube in a small piece of cotton cloth and rub this ice cube containing cloth on the affected area. This action will help you to keep you skin cool and hydrated. Use this remedy twice a day.

Oatmeal bath recipe is another effective treatment for dry itchy skin. It helps relieve skin irritation and makes the skin very elastic and smooth. Mix a cup of oatmeal in to your bathing tub and have bath with this mixture once every other day.

avoid scratching

Avoid scratching, as this action can give rise to some other skin related problems. Also, avoid loose-fitting cotton clothing, scratchy, wool, and acrylic fabrics. Avoid exposing your skin to excessive heat and sweating

Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.


Fruit juices and juicy fruits


Green leafy vegetables




Red meats


Dried, oily, spicy food

Fast foods

You can also take non-prescription drugs to get rid of this problem. You can use anti histamines, but itching due to systemic diseases like kidney or liver problems do not respond satisfactorily to antihistamine therapy. It is always better to fix an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible.


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