What is this life Space? A Useful Guide

What is this life space we are talking about? In the metaphysical and spiritual world it is often referred to as the astral plane. It is where one gets most of their guidance in life. This is also the place where we make new personal manifestations and where we come into manifestation as whole beings. This place is thought to be the seat of the soul and it houses the highest astral realms in the physical realm.

What is this life space

Life Space

So, what is this life space? In the metaphysical world it is thought to be the seat of the creative energy that makes up the physical body; the astral plane is said to be where this creative energy first came into being. This creative energy is where many people first begin to explore the mysteries of life and the creation process. It is said that from the beginning until the very end there is an endless expanse of creativity waiting to be unleashed.

Now, back to the question, “What is this life space?” The answer to that question is not as important as what is actually here, what is this life-space we are talking about? What you see when you step into the astral plane is not necessarily what you see on the physical plane. This is because in the astral plane you are one with everything and everyone and you are seeing a different reality than you are on the physical.

You see, the astral plane is vast and it has many different levels. On the physical plane there are only two levels or planes: conscious and sub-conscious. When you step into the astral plane you are seeing a completely different reality. This is because what is here is above your consciousness and what is above your consciousness is the very essence of what is below: the material world. So, what is this life space other than what is here?

The astral realm is infinite in its size and cannot be limited to anything. It can however be correlated to your personal world and the level of physical existence on earth. In other words, the astral world and our own physical world are two separate worlds. One is above and the other is below, or as close to below as it is possible to get when you step into the astral plane.

Now, we are also living in a place that is what is this life space. Our personal plane is above the astral plane and it is where the physical world meets the astral plane. In this place, what is this life space can be compared to the material world. This is because although all is different there are similarities. In fact, this place can be likened to the sea level of material reality, however, it is a much deeper sea and what is this life space is actually very different indeed.

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