What makes an IPhone a great phone

If you are in the market to buy an iPhone, you have probably asked yourself, “What makes an iPhone a great phone?” This is a great question and one that only you can answer. The simple truth is that the iPhone is great for a variety of things, but there is one aspect of the phone that will help you out in particular. In this article, we will look at what makes an iPhone a great phone. Specifically, we’ll take a look at the water resistance, screen size, durability and applications of the iPhone.

iPhone a great phone:

First of all, what is an iPhone good for if it is not capable of holding up against the water pressure? The iPhone is no joke when it comes to protection from water. The phone is not just some silly electronic device that anyone can get their hands on and toss into the ocean. In fact, the iPhone is a very sturdy device and is capable of withstanding up to pressures of over two and a half tons per square inch!

iPhone a great phone

Secondly, what is an iPhone good for if it is not capable of making a phone call? The iPhone is capable of making both voice calls and text calls, which have become some of the standard features of modern phones. However, it is also capable of taking pictures and video clips, as well as accessing the internet. In this regard, the iPhone has really expanded the possibilities of what people can do on their mobile devices. For those that need to make a call or a text message, the only thing that may stop you is that the person you are calling or texting might not have an iPhone.

Next, what is an iPhone good for if it cannot hold up against the rugged abuse that many cell phones are put through? The iPhone is, in many regards, designed more for those that prefer to use their phones outside of the office and in the car. The iPhone is not a cheap device and this is very apparent when you consider that the iPhone will cost you approximately $500 in cash upfront.

This price includes the device, the cellular service and any accessories that you buy. While many cell phones have to be disposed of after they have served their purpose, the iPhone will last for quite a while before needing to be disposed of. Therefore, you save the cost of paying for a new phone as well as the disposal fees.

Thirdly, what is an iPhone good for if you do not want to read the paper? There are now many newspapers and magazines available on digital readers such as the iPhone. You can download the newspaper or magazine of your choice from your computer or the iPhone’s website. This is ideal for those that either do not have time to read the paper or do not have the time to commute to the newsstand to purchase it. The iPhone allows you to simply turn on the computer or listen to the song of your choice, and the phone book is displayed automatically.

Finally, is the iPhone good for surfing the internet? While many people assume that the iPhone is only good for watching videos, you can also surf the net wirelessly on the iPhone. For this you need an iPhone wireless web connection and some headphones. What is more, you can also download several hundred songs from many of the iTunes stores. Thus, you can listen to your favorite music and share it with your friends via the internet.

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